Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I. Am. Awesome.

Today was a big day. Today, I became an intern with some firsthand experience. That's right. I did a procedure. I helped a child cope during an IV start. You may not think this is a big deal... but every intern has to go through this. Every intern has to do it for the first time. Well, I did today. I was terrified, I was sweating, and I was shaking, but I did it.

I was all prepared, I had gone over it in my head a thousand time. What will I say? What questions will I ask? How will they respond? How can I help them if they start to get upset? How will I distract them during the procedure? What if they want to watch? What if they kick and scream? What if I forget to tell them something and they lose trust in me? Oh, I had played it all out in my head. All of it. Numerous times.What i wasn't prepared for... is what ACTUALLY happened.

The patient didn't speak English.

Okay, well maybe he spoke a little english.. but mostly... I got that cute little nod and smile. like, "oh yeah, I have no clue what you're talking about, but you have a smile on your face and you seem nice, so I'll just continue to smile and laugh when you make funny sounds or make a funny face." Yes... that is what I got. Bless his heart, he was THE BEST patient I could ask for... THE BEST. He giggled when we did the "pop fizz" which is just the medicine we use to numb the area... and he was so engaged in the ISpy book that he never knew that the nurse was even touching him. He never flinched. I didn't even know the procedure was over until I looked over and everything was done. I think I was as relieved as he was. He was cute. And he was brave.

I just didn't expect my first independent procedure to be on someone who had no idea what I was saying... I guess in a way, it could be encouraging. If I did mess up... he had no clue.

But, he definitely knew more, felt more prepared and in control when I left, than when he walked in... and that is the goal of child life.

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