Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gaining independence

So, on Thursday, I spent the entire afternoon in the dialysis unit by myself! The nurses were asking me questions about where to find certain crafts for kids and I facilitated the group activity. I was all by my lonesome!!! The child life specialist that is supervising me was in her office doing paperwork! I am gaining independence!!!

On another note, Heather, Brittany and me went out last night. We went out to eat at some BBQ place. Well after, Heather wanted to go to a bar. Okay, bar... Heather is way more into drinking than Brittany and me... she went to a State School... anyway, she had scoped out some bars and we drove to one. We walk in, mind you... it is only 7:30. We walk in and there is no one there... besides us. So, we awkwardly sit down at the bar and Heather strikes up a conversation with the bartender... because she is cool like that... and isn't afraid of strangers. Anyway, we sit there and this guy is SUPER awkward. like... super. He was asking us questions about ourselves and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. We told him not right now and to give us a minute... as soon as we wen to the back to get ice... Brittany was like, "I'm OUTTTA here!" this guy is awkward and I don't wanna be here. So she got up and ran out. Well, we had to follow her, so we ran out too.  ... we thought, maybe we could get away without him seeing us and him just sadly walk back in and find that we were gone. Nope. The ice machine that he was getting ice from had a clear view to the door. He saw us run out like little girls.

Bahahahaha. Oh the adventures with Heather and Brittany in Texas.

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