Monday, January 16, 2012

Day one of Rotation one

Today was great. It was my first day on the floor, which just means that I got to be with my supervisor interacting with actual patients. Last week was pretty much all orientation. Now, I only get to see my fellow interns when we eat lunch and/or when we go to an in-service. Saaad. I kind of missed them today. Anyway, I didn't really get to see any procedures today, but I got to see how Amy (my supervisor) interacts with patients as well as her co-workers. This whole process is soooo exciting. I have a desk, you wanna hear what it is?? Of course you do...

Maybe I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. Idk. I can't really have my phone at all. Anyway, it is a foot stool... and a tiny corner of her desk... haha, but it is MY workspace. :) There were a lot of comments from the other people in the office about how it is nice to have a 'young intern' who still doesn't mind sitting on the floor.

I learned a lot about Dialysis today. The kidneys are a foreign thing to me, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about them, so I can MAYBE keep up with the patients and the nurses.

ALSO!!! ATTENTION!!! I need to put a disclaimer on here. There are STRICT rules about social media and what I do... so, if there is ever anything on here that is really vague and you're like... "well, that was vague..." It is because it is. I don't want to get in trouble by saying too much. There is soo much that I am doing that I wish I could tell everyone about, but there are boundaries that I have to hold to. Confidentiality. blah blah blah... but seriously. So, forgive me for not giving like... ANY information.

Have a great night!

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