Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I need guidance.
The journey is almost over... well, this one.
I have more journeys to come.
My internship journey is almost over.
I don't know what to do.
No jobs in Dallas.
Cook Children's has a lame weekend PRN position open, but I don't think I can live off of that... and I don't know if it would be easy to have another job.
Arkansas Children's has a fellowship position open (this is kind of like an extended internship position...but it is paid and has benefits :)) But, I don't know if I want that. I'm just so ready to have a job. But it IS in Arkansas... and I am a little homesick... but that is only for a year... and what if another job comes up? A better one? Do I take it and flake on the fellowship? Is that allowed? It is so unnerving not knowing where I will be in 2 weeks.
I'm more stressed now than I have been all of my internship.
Dear God,
 Lead me where YOU want me to be.
Put peace in my heart so that I may do your will willingly.
Thank you for patience. May I have that too?

Camp Courage

A couple of weekends ago I went to Camp Courage.
This is a camp for siblings of children with chronic illnesses or disabilities.
It was amazing. It was at this place called Camp John Marc.
Camp John Marc is marvelous. If I end up staying in TX, then I want to be a volunteer there.
Everything at the camp is geared to accommodate children with disabilities. There are paved walk ways everywhere. There is fishing, cooking, rock climbing, swimming, etc. The pool has a beach side entrance for kids in wheelchairs. The showers are made so that wheelchairs just wheel on in.
The staff was great too. It was a bunch of college kids or young adults but you could tell they were more than just that. It takes special people to WANT to work at a camp like that.
Although I went with a group of kids that did not have disabilities, these staff members work with kids with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, epilepsy, etc. Amazing.
I was even able to lead an activity while I was there. Me! The INTERN! Yeah, I'm awesome.
I just love my job.