Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've failed at blogging lately. Sorry. Maybe I will write one soon.
Things I've done lately:
I've done a total of 6 procedures!!!!
I get to start "flying solo" tomorrow. (That means I get to do stuff without being observed by my supervisor)
I have come to love my Dialysis family, both staff and patients.
I went to a super bowl party in Dallas with Kristofor's church.
I need to start working on my sister's sparkler stuff for her wedding.
I need to find a dress for my sister's wedding.
I picked up my dress for Mary's wedding from the alteration's place.
I got a note from one of my patients saying she loved me and that I'm "the best." It really warmed my heart.
I got to see Marcus Neely and his family and everything they served for lunch that day had lime in it... oopsie. I ate it without saying anything...
I got to be a mic boom operator for a videographer!!
Ryan is coming this weekend.
I am going for a run right now.

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