Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Because no one was here and Lee was at work again, I didn’t go to church. I wasn’t about to venture out to a church by myself. I will wait until everyone is home and I can go with them. I’m not that brave. Not during my first week here.
At 1:00, I met the other two interns at Blue Mesa, a restaurant in Fort Worth. It is a Mexican grill that serves a brunch buffet on Sundays. It was really good!! We ended up sitting and talking for over 3 hours!!! I’m sure the restaurant staff hated us. Too bad. It was good to get to know them before we start on Monday, you know, get the awkwardness out of the way before we get overwhelmed with training and information.  When I came home, I officially met Brad and we hung out for the rest of the night, talking and watching tv. He seems pretty cool.  

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