Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I. Am. Awesome.

Today was a big day. Today, I became an intern with some firsthand experience. That's right. I did a procedure. I helped a child cope during an IV start. You may not think this is a big deal... but every intern has to go through this. Every intern has to do it for the first time. Well, I did today. I was terrified, I was sweating, and I was shaking, but I did it.

I was all prepared, I had gone over it in my head a thousand time. What will I say? What questions will I ask? How will they respond? How can I help them if they start to get upset? How will I distract them during the procedure? What if they want to watch? What if they kick and scream? What if I forget to tell them something and they lose trust in me? Oh, I had played it all out in my head. All of it. Numerous times.What i wasn't prepared for... is what ACTUALLY happened.

The patient didn't speak English.

Okay, well maybe he spoke a little english.. but mostly... I got that cute little nod and smile. like, "oh yeah, I have no clue what you're talking about, but you have a smile on your face and you seem nice, so I'll just continue to smile and laugh when you make funny sounds or make a funny face." Yes... that is what I got. Bless his heart, he was THE BEST patient I could ask for... THE BEST. He giggled when we did the "pop fizz" which is just the medicine we use to numb the area... and he was so engaged in the ISpy book that he never knew that the nurse was even touching him. He never flinched. I didn't even know the procedure was over until I looked over and everything was done. I think I was as relieved as he was. He was cute. And he was brave.

I just didn't expect my first independent procedure to be on someone who had no idea what I was saying... I guess in a way, it could be encouraging. If I did mess up... he had no clue.

But, he definitely knew more, felt more prepared and in control when I left, than when he walked in... and that is the goal of child life.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gaining independence

So, on Thursday, I spent the entire afternoon in the dialysis unit by myself! The nurses were asking me questions about where to find certain crafts for kids and I facilitated the group activity. I was all by my lonesome!!! The child life specialist that is supervising me was in her office doing paperwork! I am gaining independence!!!

On another note, Heather, Brittany and me went out last night. We went out to eat at some BBQ place. Well after, Heather wanted to go to a bar. Okay, bar... Heather is way more into drinking than Brittany and me... she went to a State School... anyway, she had scoped out some bars and we drove to one. We walk in, mind you... it is only 7:30. We walk in and there is no one there... besides us. So, we awkwardly sit down at the bar and Heather strikes up a conversation with the bartender... because she is cool like that... and isn't afraid of strangers. Anyway, we sit there and this guy is SUPER awkward. like... super. He was asking us questions about ourselves and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. We told him not right now and to give us a minute... as soon as we wen to the back to get ice... Brittany was like, "I'm OUTTTA here!" this guy is awkward and I don't wanna be here. So she got up and ran out. Well, we had to follow her, so we ran out too.  ... we thought, maybe we could get away without him seeing us and him just sadly walk back in and find that we were gone. Nope. The ice machine that he was getting ice from had a clear view to the door. He saw us run out like little girls.

Bahahahaha. Oh the adventures with Heather and Brittany in Texas.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, this weekend, I went to Arkansas. Being with friends is always good. Always. Kris and I got up and left Dallas at 6am! We got to Searcy around noon... and left BEFORE noon on Sunday. Quick trip but it was totally worth it. Happy Birthday to my Friend Seth!!! Yesterday, he turned the big 23! Yay.

Today was a monday. It was a good monday, but after this weekend, I was NOT ready to get out of bed. It was also my last day on the H/O (cancer unit) and I'm kind of sad. Because it is an inpatient unit, I was able to build rapport and relationships with some of the patients... now I won't see them because I am going back to my unit. Kind of sad. But, maybe I'll get the chance to see them.
That is kind of a weird thing to wish for... because that means I am wishing for them to... still be sick the next time I go up on that floor... mmmm, maybe I hope to never see them again in this hospital!!! Maybe, I hope to see them on the television, famous for something!!! haha.

ANYWAY... going to bed. I have to be at the hospital from 7:15am until 8:00pm. ick. looooong day.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I worked on the oncology unit today. It was a very dramatic day. Very chaotic, and very... emotional.
I went for a run today. I hate running. I hate it so much. But, I needed this. I needed to blow off some steam and just... run. Tragic things happen. I am learning that every day during this internship. Bad things happen to good people.
It just sucks having to see people I care about go through really rough times.
I wish I could be in Arkansas right now. More than anything, I want to be sitting in sweat pants, watching FRIENDS with the McBrides.
Today was chapel... which means, we had kids chapel at the hospital today. I accompanied a patient to chapel and the story of choice was the story of Naomi and Ruth. I have heard this story a dozen times or more, but it wasn't until today that I really understood it. Ruth stayed with Naomi. She didn't have to. But she loved and cared for her that she stood by her during the rough times. They were not only family, but best friends. This may seem obvious or cheesy, but I really just heard... God. Like, one of the questions the chaplain asked was, "do any of you have anyone that you feel close enough to stand by during really yucky times?" ... and I realized... I do. I have a lot of people that care for me. And more importantly, so do the McBrides. There are so many people that love them and care for them. It is apparent with all of the support they are receiving right now. I am thankful that I have them. I know this post was kind of all over the place, but... my day was kind of all over the place... and I'm lucky I can make sentences.

May God bless and surround this family.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today was a very busy day... Lets just say, I checked off on 5 new procedures today. Each new procedure we observe, we have to write up an observation form for... I just finished 5 of them, wrote my daily reflection, and now I get to sit down and read a chapter out of my text book. I am loving this, but after a busy day like today... I'm pooped. I even worked out this morning!! WOW! We went from the time I showed up until the time my supervisor left. Then, I am scheduled to stay 30 minutes later to work on assignments... so I went to the library and kind of stared at my binder while I tried to process what went on today. AHH! Crazy day! Great day, but crazy.
I was grateful for Glee being on tonight and Brad actually sat down and watched it with me. I didn't think he would. I assumed he would go into his cave and leave me to watch it by myself. It was nice to have some downtime... even though I did do homework while watching Glee. eh... that is life.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day one of Rotation one

Today was great. It was my first day on the floor, which just means that I got to be with my supervisor interacting with actual patients. Last week was pretty much all orientation. Now, I only get to see my fellow interns when we eat lunch and/or when we go to an in-service. Saaad. I kind of missed them today. Anyway, I didn't really get to see any procedures today, but I got to see how Amy (my supervisor) interacts with patients as well as her co-workers. This whole process is soooo exciting. I have a desk, you wanna hear what it is?? Of course you do...

Maybe I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. Idk. I can't really have my phone at all. Anyway, it is a foot stool... and a tiny corner of her desk... haha, but it is MY workspace. :) There were a lot of comments from the other people in the office about how it is nice to have a 'young intern' who still doesn't mind sitting on the floor.

I learned a lot about Dialysis today. The kidneys are a foreign thing to me, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about them, so I can MAYBE keep up with the patients and the nurses.

ALSO!!! ATTENTION!!! I need to put a disclaimer on here. There are STRICT rules about social media and what I do... so, if there is ever anything on here that is really vague and you're like... "well, that was vague..." It is because it is. I don't want to get in trouble by saying too much. There is soo much that I am doing that I wish I could tell everyone about, but there are boundaries that I have to hold to. Confidentiality. blah blah blah... but seriously. So, forgive me for not giving like... ANY information.

Have a great night!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today was a whirlwind. I am exhausted. This week is starting to catch up with me. Brittany and Heather said the same thing. I am excited though. Tomorrow, we get to meet with our supervisors and talk about our rotations. We also get to observe in the ED tomorrow. The ED is something that I am interested in. It is fast paced and always unpredictable.
I need to get some sleep tonight… and this weekend, I will go shopping. I need some random stuff… like, a lunch box… notepads… food…
Although the Thornton’s are being TOO NICE to me, and they feed me, I want to help out and buy some of the stuff that I use a lot. I cannot believe how nice they are being to me. God is really working here. Jody’s mother is not doing well and she is having to drive to Frisco everyday to be with her in the hospital. Keep her in your prayers and pray for peace and strength for everyone. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today was another day of just running around, touring different units. Today we visited Radiology, the SPA, 4th floor (Trauma), and the NICU. We also had our first in-service which was taught by my first rotation supervisor, Amy. It was all about lines. PICC lines, Central lines, IVs, Ports, etc. It was really interesting and answered a lot of questions. I knew about lines, but they are still confusing but we got to see each one, touch it, and learn about it, so I think I’ve got them down.
We started out in Radiology with our internship supervisor, Alana. We jumped right in with an IV start on a preschool aged patient. It was really neat to see how she was able to distract the patient and keep the patient calm. The hospital uses different types of numbing stuff such as a J Tip, Emla cream, Freeze spray, etc. They are really cool and very effective. I got to see a J-Tip used for the first time today. 
After our in-service, we met up with Brenda and took a tour of the SPA. Here we were able to observe a dressing change on a baby. It was cool to see how just being supportive and blowing bubbles can help a nurse get the job done. The patient was very upset, but as soon as the procedure was finished, the child life specialist got the child to playing again which is very important. The patient got to popping the bubbles and playing with the toy remote. It was a positive experience after the awful one that was experienced.
The last thing we did today was visit the  NICU. This NICU is the largest private room NICU in the nation!!! That means every bed they have is a private room. Guys, that just doesn’t happen. Ever. It was phenomenal!!!!! We got to observe the CLS and the artist in residence do some legacy activities with a patient and the family. They took really cute pictures of the baby’s feet and their hands. The baby is so cute and slept through the whole thing. It was really neat to have that experience and it makes me want to do my free week rotation in the NICU. I may have to fight one of the other interns for it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today, we learned what our rotations would be. My first rotation is on the endocrinology/nephrology unit, which is with patients who have hormone problems and diabetes as well as kidney issues. Patients who struggle with growth hormone deficiency or those that have too much growth hormone being released in their bodies are on this unit. It is an outpatient clinic, so there will be no long term stays for these patients. Many of them come to the clinic and leave the same day or are admitted into an inpatient unit. My supervisor’s name is Amy and she seems really cool. She was talking all about dialysis and how I will get to know the dialysis machines really well as well as the patients who come in for dialysis 3 times a week, every week. Can you imagine? Coming and sitting for up to 5 hours at a time, three times a week?! Wow. Anyway, that is exciting.
My second rotation is in the SPA. Now, I know what you all are thinking.. SPA?! WHAT? MANI/PEDI?! Haha. I wish. This is the Special Procedures Area. This is where patients go to get bone marrow aspirations, colonoscopies, etc. etc. etc. Not fun stuff. This is where patients go to be put under anesthesia and then they usually wake up here too, and are then moved either back to their room or into recovery. It is a very different atmosphere in there. Very loud, fast paced, cramped. When we were standing on the unit, there was a child crying from waking up from anesthesia, nurses talking, machines beeping, people moving beds from room to room, etc. There is just a lot going on in there. I will be on that unit for 7 weeks.
By the end of our rotations, we will get to be “running the floor” by ourselves! That is crazy for me to think about right now because I am nowhere near ready for that right now. But, I have no doubt that this internship will prepare me. The curriculum is CRAZZZYYY!!! But good.
Today was only the second day of my internship and I drove to and from the hospital WITHOUT my GPS. Be proud. I was for sure proud. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today was the first day of my INTERNSHIP!!!!! I left the house at 7:50 and got to the hospital at 8:30. Not too bad. The hospital is only about 25 minutes from my house, but with traffic and the rain, it slowed me down a little. I didn’t have to be at the hospital until 9, so I just hung out and walked around until I met up with the other interns.
We met Alana, our internship supervisor at 9:00. She is WONDERFUL. She gave us a tour of the hospital… which is huge by the way. We didn't even see the whole hospital. I could not tell you how to get one place in there… except the food court. And yes, I said… food court. This is no normal hospital cafeteria. Oh no! This is the Calmelot Court. Full of awesomeness. Anyway, the hospital is massive. We walked around, then attended a ‘boundary training’ session. Then did paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Then we had lunch, then did more paperwork. There are so many assignments!!! But they are all great assignments!!!
One of my assignments is to follow a child throughout the entire surgery process!!! I get to sit in on a surgery!!!! Surgical scrubs and all!! HECK. YES.
Also, I am so legit that I have a beeper!! Yep. A beeper. So 1996. Haha.
Today was a good day. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Because no one was here and Lee was at work again, I didn’t go to church. I wasn’t about to venture out to a church by myself. I will wait until everyone is home and I can go with them. I’m not that brave. Not during my first week here.
At 1:00, I met the other two interns at Blue Mesa, a restaurant in Fort Worth. It is a Mexican grill that serves a brunch buffet on Sundays. It was really good!! We ended up sitting and talking for over 3 hours!!! I’m sure the restaurant staff hated us. Too bad. It was good to get to know them before we start on Monday, you know, get the awkwardness out of the way before we get overwhelmed with training and information.  When I came home, I officially met Brad and we hung out for the rest of the night, talking and watching tv. He seems pretty cool.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I did absolutely nothing today. Except watch tv and craft. I didn’t leave the house. No one was home. Lee (Kaycee’s dad) was gone all day, Brad (Kaycee’s brother) isn’t back yet from DC yet, and Jody made a quick trip to Searcy to see Kaycee. I took advantage of today. It was wonderful.

Friday January 6, 2012

I got up this morning and went with Jody to Frisco. She had to visit her mom in the hospital and she dropped me off at IKEA. If you have never been to this store… I’m sorry. I could live in this store. Literally. There are bathrooms, and beds, and couches, and tvs… and it is all set up!!!! I spent over 2 hours there. There is even a restaurant! I ate lunch there and just hung out until Jody came and picked me up. I think it would have been more exciting if I had someone to share it with, but it was still great. I was surrounded by K-State fans the entire time. I was sporting my Razorback sweatshirt and there were a few AR fans, but mostly people in purple.  

After Jody picked me up, we came home, scouted out parking… which turned out to be in the ball park of $35-$50!!! No THANKS! Jody offered to drop us off and pick us up, thankfully. As soon as Kristofor got off work, he showed up at the house and we left!!! It was awesome!!!! We were in the NOSEBLEEDS, but it was great. 

The Cowboy’s stadium is bigger than I could have ever imagined. We had a great view of the jumbo tron… which I don’t think there is a seat in the house that isn’t a good view of that huge thing. I am so thankful I got to go.  God is blessing me so much. I’ve been in Texas for less than 3 days and I’ve gone to a Mavs game, been inside and seen a bowl game in the Cowboys Stadium and I’ve gone to IKEA. Let the good times roll.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday. 01/07/2012
Today, I drove from Dallas to the hospital. There, I met up with Heather. She is one of the other interns. Neither of us had been there before, so we explored together and got our drug tests. It was nice to get to know her a little and it was also nice to have someone else who was as clueless as I was. 
When I left there, I went to Arlington, my new home. I met up with Jody and moved in. She is the sweetest. Bless her heart. She was franticly trying to make sure everything was perfect. 

Here is a picture of my cozy little room:

I think I’m gonna like it here.


I feel the need to explain. I have not had internet on my computer for over a week now. I have been blogging, but not posting them. I will now post them all... :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day one in Dallas

I got to Dallas around 3:30 yesterday. Kristofor met up with me and I got to see his new apartment. I am still amazed that one of my friends lives in such a nice apartment. Anyway, we were hanging out, fixing white chili for dinner and his friend, Tate, texted him and said he had 4 tickets to the Mavs game. We took them, made a flying trip to Val's to pick her up and headed to the game. We showed up right after it started and were in the NOSEBLEEDS! But it was still fun. My first NBA game. Not only were the Kansas State Wildcats there, but the Kardashians, and THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS!!!!! The Mavs won the game and when we were walking out, we saw the buses to both Cotton Bowl teams. It took all I could manage not to yell "Wooo pig sooie!" at KS, but I refrained. I did however, yell "GO RAZORBACKS!!!" when I walked by the Arkansas bus. Some of them waved at me. It. was. epic. sigh... now if only I could go to the game on Friday. Oh well, I'll be 10 minutes away, maybe I will be able to hear them cheering.

This was the view from our seats... eek!

Matt and Val. Cute couple... and also, my phone camera sucks, so... so do the pictures. Oh well.

End of day one as a Texas resident. I'd have to say... not to shabby.