Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day one in Dallas

I got to Dallas around 3:30 yesterday. Kristofor met up with me and I got to see his new apartment. I am still amazed that one of my friends lives in such a nice apartment. Anyway, we were hanging out, fixing white chili for dinner and his friend, Tate, texted him and said he had 4 tickets to the Mavs game. We took them, made a flying trip to Val's to pick her up and headed to the game. We showed up right after it started and were in the NOSEBLEEDS! But it was still fun. My first NBA game. Not only were the Kansas State Wildcats there, but the Kardashians, and THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS!!!!! The Mavs won the game and when we were walking out, we saw the buses to both Cotton Bowl teams. It took all I could manage not to yell "Wooo pig sooie!" at KS, but I refrained. I did however, yell "GO RAZORBACKS!!!" when I walked by the Arkansas bus. Some of them waved at me. It. was. epic. sigh... now if only I could go to the game on Friday. Oh well, I'll be 10 minutes away, maybe I will be able to hear them cheering.

This was the view from our seats... eek!

Matt and Val. Cute couple... and also, my phone camera sucks, so... so do the pictures. Oh well.

End of day one as a Texas resident. I'd have to say... not to shabby.

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