Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, this weekend, I went to Arkansas. Being with friends is always good. Always. Kris and I got up and left Dallas at 6am! We got to Searcy around noon... and left BEFORE noon on Sunday. Quick trip but it was totally worth it. Happy Birthday to my Friend Seth!!! Yesterday, he turned the big 23! Yay.

Today was a monday. It was a good monday, but after this weekend, I was NOT ready to get out of bed. It was also my last day on the H/O (cancer unit) and I'm kind of sad. Because it is an inpatient unit, I was able to build rapport and relationships with some of the patients... now I won't see them because I am going back to my unit. Kind of sad. But, maybe I'll get the chance to see them.
That is kind of a weird thing to wish for... because that means I am wishing for them to... still be sick the next time I go up on that floor... mmmm, maybe I hope to never see them again in this hospital!!! Maybe, I hope to see them on the television, famous for something!!! haha.

ANYWAY... going to bed. I have to be at the hospital from 7:15am until 8:00pm. ick. looooong day.

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