Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rock climbing

Every monday night, Kristofor and his "singles group" friends go rock climbing. He has invited me several times, but I don't like the idea of driving to Dallas on a Monday night to return after my bedtime. Long drive, long day. Well, last night, I caved. I did it. It was the best decision!!!

It felt so good to do something other than homework on a week night. Because I am almost done with everything, I was able to convince myself that a night for ME was okay. I allowed myself that time. I'm so glad I did. I just happened to make a few friends and score myself an invite to the singles camping trip in a few weeks. I may go, I may not go. It depends on if a hospital related camp is the same weekend. We'll see.

This just reminded me the importance of doing things for myself and not always following the rules and doing homework. Work doesn't always have to be before play.

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