Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Week in Dialysis

My last week in Dialysis was an emotional week. I was so sad to go. I have grown to love it there: the kids, the staff, everything. I feel comfortable and I don't want to leave. My last activity for the week was a Jeopardy game that I adapted to relate to Dialysis. All of the questions were focused on teaching them something about their diagnosis.
The categories were:
The Staff: funny and interesting facts about staff
Hemodialysis: questions related to the actual dialysis process
Diet: questions related to diet restrictions based on what the nutritionist (or as some of the kids call her: THE FOOD KILLER) says about ways to keep themselves healthier with failing kidneys.
Medical Equipment: This made them identify or explain medical equipment related to treatments
Medications: This proved to be a difficult one to some of the kids, because most of them don't pay attention what medications they are on.

Also, I made the board versatile. I made it so that the department could use it for other games and versions as well. So the top cards are dry erase and all of the cards are velcroed on... :)

I was so impressed by how much they loved it! They got so into it that they all wanted to play again after we had gone through all 25 questions. So, we ran and got some make-shift questions that were from the nutritionist (food killer). They were really hard, but the kids still liked it.

Later on in the week, one of the kids (who never really did ANY of my activities) specifically asked if we could play Jeopardy again. I about peed myself because I never expected that from him. Haha!!!!

It was a great way to end my time there. I miss it already. And I've heard through the grapevine... that the kids really miss me too. :) That's a good sign, right????

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