Sunday, March 4, 2012

All in all good weekend

Natalie came this weekend. :)
It was a Saturday filled with fun and bridesmaid shopping.
I met them at NorthPark mall and we shopped ALLLLL day for a dress and ended up finding one at American Eagle!! It was on sale and she is super happy with it. Here is a silly picture of me in it. You can sort of see it.

It's cute.
We ate dinner at some Italian Pizza place owned by the Mob... It was really good. We went with Hailey to get a tattoo because we were sort of celebrating her birthday too. Her tattoo was super cute and Kelsey almost got one, but talked herself out of it. 

I went to church with Kristofor the next morning and then we went to the Fort Worth Zoo to celebrate Matt (Kristofor's roommate)'s birthday! It was awesome! I love the zoo! I got to see the GIRAFFES!!! EEEK!!!!

I wish my phone took better pictures... 

It was a great weekend. I'm thankful for friends who come to visit and friends who have friends that they are willing to share with me.

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