Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games

Friday night, a big group of us went to see The Hunger Games.
I loved it. I spent the whole movie analyzing how it was different from the book, but I still loved it.
Love. Love. Love. It was a good group of people too. That made it even better.

I want to see it again.

Last night, I went with Brad to see 21 Jump Street. It was actually pretty good... and I guess Brad isn't too bad of company. I mean, he paid for everything and he opened the car door for me. Having a big brother isn't so bad after all.

My internship is coming to an end and I keep reminding myself that I am not in control. I am really having to work hard to turn that control over to God. It is not easy. I like to control things, I like to plan things. Me. Me. Me. But it isn't about me... and I am learning to accept that.

So, be praying for me and where I am to end up. Dallas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, the Middle East... wherever it is, I will go to do God's work, not mine.

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