Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wedding Weekend

Mary's wedding was wonderful.
It was great to see everybody.
It was emotional because it symbolizes growing up and things changing.
Mary. Was. Beautiful.
The wedding was beautiful.
I would have expected Mary to be somewhat of a bridezilla, because it is her right on her day, but she wasn't. She was the opposite. She was so aware of other people's feelings even though it was her day to shine. I kept expecting her to freak out and be nervous but she was so calm and so sure of herself. It was quite inspiring. I hope I am that 'put together' on my wedding day.
I was so honored to be a part of her day. So honored.
I had a "Bridesmaid" moment at the end of the day. When they are all sending the bride and groom off and the best friend looks at her and waits for her to look back... that is right before Caleb Rummel THREW A LIT SPARKLER AT THE BRIDE!!!! Then, all of the saddness, joy, and sentimentalness DISAPPEARED and I just kept yelling, "YOU THREW A LIT SPARKLER AT THE BRIDE!!!??"
...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Caleb Rummel died.

just kidding. maybe if he had actually caught her on fire, I would have actually killed him, and I'm sure I would have had helpers.
What a beautiful weekend.

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  1. hahahaha.....only because he didnt actually catch Mary on fire, it was really funny!