Thursday, March 8, 2012

ED: which means Emergency Department... not Erectile Disfunction

Last week was our "free week" which basically means we get to go wherever we want to. I chose the Emergency Room.
It. Was. Awesome.
I have fallen in love with the ED. It is so fast paced and there is so much respect for child life there. A lot of what we do is IV starts, but we also get to help with laceration repairs, digital blocks (which is where they give the kid a nasty shot that numbs their whole finger, or toe, etc. They are used for toe/finger nail removals, partial amputations of the fingers and toes, etc.), anything. I got to do 3 procedures by myself when I was there. I got to see two lacs: partial amputation of the finger, and a nasty laceration on a kid's arm. I also got to see a kid almost vomit all over me, yeeep. Not the most glamorous part of our job, but it happens.
I don't really get woosy or anything during procedures, but at one point, I did. I was watching a nasty laceration repair and I just started to get hot. I just moved to where I couldn't see it and took deep breaths, then I was fine. I actually was able to move over to see up close. At first, I was worried  though, but I turned out fine.
I really liked the ED. I would loooove to work there. Always something new, but you have to have a LOT of energy.

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