Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ryan came to visit this weekend. Poor guy, he came all this way and I had no plans and we just kind of did whatever. Friday night, we went out and hung out at "The Flying Saucer." Saturday, we slept late, went to lunch at Olive Garden, then went shopping. blahhh. This is where I attempted to find a dress for my sister's wedding and failed... again. But whatever. Red Chiffon is hard to find. It's cute, but I keep finding it on old lady dresses and not... 20-something dresses. Anyway, we gave up. We decided to go to a comedy club called The Hyena. We went to Brittany's apartment for a while, then grabbed pizza, ate it in the CAR, then got in line JUST IN TIME to claim our seats. It was a close call. We ended up getting 8 free tickets to this place. We had coupons, and they wouldn't take them, so they gave us free tickets for next time. SWEET! It was fun, I want to go back.

On another note...

I am "completely" independent at work right now.
That basically means that any procedure that comes up, I get to do by myself. Prettttyyy cool.
Today is Valentine's day and in the unit, we decorated sugar cookies with icing, sprinkles and "painted" marshmallows. That is just where you take milk and food coloring and "paint" your marshmallows. It just adds color and it's pretty fun. The staff had a lot of fun with it... and I ate a lot of cookies.
I am becoming more and more comfortable here, on this rotation... but, I leave in a week and a half. I move to another unit. This is soo sad! I mean, it is good, but I will miss the kids and the staff. I have learned so much and I have spent so much time with them. It is just going to suck leaving them and moving on to another group of people. They keep saying I won't come and visit, but I WILL!

Also, I am planning a REALLY AWESOME activity for next Thursday and Friday. It is going to be E.P.I.C.!!!!! I'll post on that for sure.

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